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The Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education provides students with the opportunity for Teacher Certification (K-12 Music) in North Carolina. Students specialize in either instrumental, keyboard, or vocal music in preparation for a career as a music educator. This program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance offers you rigorous training and preparation for graduate level work in music. Students who plan to follow careers as professional musicians or university level professors generally follow the music performance curriculum. You may combine the Music Performance Major with an Enrichment Minor in Sacred Music in preparation for a career in church music.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a music major is a liberal arts degree which allows you to gain a solid grounding in both music and the traditional liberal arts. Frequently students who plan to pursue a career outside of music find that the liberal arts degree is well suited to a double major curriculum, allowing them to develop both their career area and their musical talent. You may also combine this music major with the minor in Sacred Music.

The Sacred Music Program supports a variety of degrees and learning experiences for those engaged in the study and performance of church music. The program serves persons of all denominations. It also allows ELCA students to fulfill requirements for Associate in Ministry status. Students may follow a curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sacred Music, the Concentration in Sacred Music, or a Minor in Sacred Music.

The music minor allows you to pursue your musical gifts while majoring in another discipline. The minor consists of coursework in applied music, performance, music literature and history, and music theory. You will continue to develop your own musical skills and gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of music. The music minor is specifically designed for students who find music enriching and who wish to enhance their own musicianship.

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